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Into Tennis
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All About Your Game


Match Your Racquet

Your Tennis Racquet should be an extension of you, and should always suit your skill level. Our experts are ready to help you find the perfect fit, whether you’re a beginner looking for versatility or an advanced player in need of a composite.


Learn Your Style

Its impossible to pick the perfect racquet without a chance to experience it. Our indoor facility is designed to ensure that through every evolution of your game, you always have the RIGHT racquet.


Define Your Swing Type

Are you a power player, in need of the perfect control racquet? Or a finesse player in need of the perfect power racquet? Whether you fit the basic profiles, or a combination, we can put the perfect racquet in your hands.


Explore your Game

Your game is more than your swing. Find the right gear, from shoes to string to wrap, we have the right accoutrements to fit your style. Often overlooked, your shoes can be just as vital, if not more so, than your racquet. We carry a wide selection of the best brands, and the best quality shoes to match every play style.


Racquet Repair

Whether you need re-gripping, grommet replacement, or restringing, you want a team who knows their business. We are USRSA certified with a Master Racquet Technician on staff, ensuring that the job is done perfectly, every time. String selection is a vital part of ensuring your racquet always matches your style, and with our USRSA certification you can breathe easy knowing that restringing will always leave you with a better racquet than you walked in with.


Good for Body AND Mind

For so many reasons, Tennis is the best sport around. Minimal injuries, incredible exercise, better than anger management, and you can play all year round. Most importantly, no matter where you are, chances are good there is a tennis court nearby. Whether you are a new player, or a seasoned veteran, Into Tennis and More is your go to when you want to fortify your game!


Teaching the Basics

Whether you consider your self a novice, or an advanced player, there’s always room for growth. Yet sometimes a simple refresher, or just a quick lesson in grip, or other basics can put you on the right path. That’s why we offer our 20 for 20, a quick foray into refreshers specific to your needs. For big and little players alike, get the refreshers you need, in a convenient 20 minute session!