The greatest sport in the world. Minimal injuries, better than anger management, a great workout, and played nearly everywhere in the world. This is Tennis. At Into Tennis and More, we live and breathe “The Kings’ Sport”. It is who we are, and our driving focus every single day is to share the passion we carry for this, the greatest sport.

Our goal is to better the sport, to provide local players with a gathering spot, a place to learn, to grow, and to share a love of the sport. No matter your skill in the game, our staff is there to help with everything from maintenance and repair to finding the perfect shoes to get you to the next level in your game.

Job number one for our professional staff is to ensure your tennis equipment is your best advantage on the court. To do this, we’ll talk to you about your skill level, style of play and of course your goal as a player. With that knowledge, we’ll work with you to select the best racquet, strings, string tension, and footwear. Then, under the watchful eye of our professional staff – including some of the most accomplished players in the area – you can try your equipment before you buy, on the spot, in our demo facility. And if not quite right, we’ll work with you until it’s absolutely perfect. That’s our promise!

Our mission is a simple one… we want our customers to experience the pleasure of playing a game that, in many wonderful ways and over 4 decades, has filled our lives with fun, real excitement, health, and a sense of accomplishment. We’d love for these to be your experiences too! So… come on in, say hello, visit with our professionals, check out our inventory, watch a few minutes of tennis in our lounge on the big-screen or… if you’re ready, pick out a racquet and hit a few balls in the demo facility.